Our History

Matthew Goodwin and Robert Marshall founded Goodwin & Marshall in 1986 based on the simple philosophy of dynamic service to our clients with the goal of world-class, one-of-a-kind results.


This commitment to excellence has been recognized with a steady, growing portfolio of clients that turn to Goodwin & Marshall to solve their civil engineering challenges.


Matthew Goodwin has dedicated considerable time to the development of engineers and professionals within Goodwin & Marshall that understand the importance of placing client goals at the forefront of our work.


For 18 years, Goodwin & Marshall called Ft. Worth home, specializing in projects throughout Texas. In 1995, the firm expanded to Memphis as industrial projects thrived in Tennessee.  In 2003, Arizona was added, and an office was opened in Phoenix to serve the rapid expansion there.


By 2004, growth at Goodwin & Marshall became so great that it was time to expand. Corporate headquarters were relocated to Grapevine, Texas, to an office specifically designed by Goodwin & Marshall to enhance the efficiency of the company. Not only were we designers, engineers and planners; we were now our own client in the design of our new corporate headquarters!


Since 1996, Goodwin & Marshall has initiated a cooperative education program where college students studying civil engineering spend a semester working on real projects in their field of study under the close supervision and tutoring of senior Goodwin & Marshall engineers. The program became so successful, that since 2000, it has provided 100% of new engineering hires at G&M.


In 2013, the cooperative education program was expanded to our surveying division to provide students in the highly competitive surveying field an opportunity to work in their field under the close direction of senior surveying personnel.


For over 30 years, Goodwin & Marshall has built a reputation as an engineering firm that aggressively pursues our clients’ interests and goals without compromising our integrity and responsibility to the health, safety and welfare of the communities we serve.

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