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Goodwin & Marshall places client service paramount in our approach to civil engineering.


By focusing on clients’ end goals, projects stay on track and on budget every step of the way, producing results that impact communities and lives positively.  Professional engineering combines several unique disciplines to create results that exceed the sum of their parts.


The first component of client service Goodwin & Marshall focuses on is a deep commitment to client goals. It’s not unusual to hear a client say, “I want the best outcome, but I don’t know what that is yet.” Goodwin & Marshall is committed to finding the best outcome, taking into account timeliness and cost effectiveness and executing it with precision.


The next component of client service we devote ourselves to is placing engineers with expertise in your field on your project. We expect you to tap into our deep well of experience, since our engineers spend a considerable amount of time working on multi-faceted projects in your field.


Third, Goodwin & Marshall prides itself on innovation. Our ability to push design limits and challenge conventional thinking is unsurpassed. We find maximum efficiencies on the cutting edge, and we create lasting impressions that positively impact communities.


Finally, our commitment to your project reaches the highest levels of Goodwin & Marshall. Every project receives the dedication and involvement of a Principal in the company. The owners of the company take ownership of your project, and it sets us and you apart from those around us.

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