Civil Engineering Firm

Exceptional engineering is the cornerstone of every Goodwin & Marshall project.

As civil engineers, we design solutions that make expansion and progress possible through safe, long-lasting, well-balanced design.

What We Do ​

When we prepare projects for development, we bring a wealth of experience in research, planning, entitlements, engineering, and surveying. Our combined experiences help us arrive at unique solutions to keep projects both appealing and cost-effective for our clients. Innovation across various disciplines is what clients look for when they come to Goodwin & Marshall. One of the things that makes civil engineering a great profession is that each and every site we have the opportunity to work on is intrinsically unique. Even a basic restaurant building with carbon copied architecture, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and more, will be a new engineering challenge due to the specific site conditions of the location. So whether we are working on a residential development, industrial warehouse, office, restaurant, or other project, we are tasked with finding the correct solution for a completely unique circumstance.

Civil Engineering Services

We focus on a variety of projects within the industrial, residential, commercial, and municipal sectors:

  • Residential Community Development
  • Water and Wastewater Management
  • Commercial Development
  • Drainage and Flood Control
  • Municipal Development and Transportation
  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Utility System Design
  • Sustainable Development

As civil engineers, we can support your development project in a number of ways. Our team will:

  • Monitor project progress and ensure critical design specifications, as well as safety or regulatory standards, are met during construction.
  • Analyze development needs in respect to water, traffic, or materials to determine effective design.
  • Design and engineer systems to efficiently move water and wastewater.
  • Provide technical advice to industrial or managerial personnel regarding design, construction, program modifications, or structural repairs.
  • Create sustainable design to lessen a project’s overall carbon footprint. A number of our team members are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professionals, to offer green solutions that pay you back in both efficiency and cost-savings.

From Our Portfolio

Vistancia, Land Resources, Inc.

Peoria, Arizona​

G&M serves as project engineer for the award winning Master Planned Community known as Vistancia within the northern foothills of Peoria, Arizona.

Vistancia is a master-planned community encompassing over 7,100 acres located in the northern region of Peoria, just south of Lake Pleasant. Vistancia has been designed to offer a broad range of housing types, employment opportunities, 72 holes of golf, and multiple community centers. At full build-out, Vistancia will be home to over 27,600 residents.

In-house services provided by Goodwin & Marshall included the following:

  • Designed several projects within Vistancia including single family residential subdivisions, senior living centers, multi-family apartment living, arterial roadway and master utility infrastructure, and community recreation centers
  • Processed multiple preliminary plats through Peoria representing over 2,300 lots
  • Designed detailed grading plans for over 1,000 residential lots to minimize impacts to existing topography
  • Designed and assembled construction plans in support of residential development
  • Coordinated roadway alignments with ASLD, BLM, and the City of Peoria
  • Evaluated erosion hazard zones for multiple regional washes within the Vistancia project
  • Master Area Drainage Plan Updates that included various CLOMR / LOMRs processed through the City of Peoria and FEMA