Engineering Services from Goodwin & Marshall

At Goodwin & Marshall, our clients trust us to be good stewards of their land and budget.

We work tirelessly to make the most of their resources and the resources of our public communities through each of our services:​

Water Resources

A deep understanding of water resources and the complex nature of watershed and floodplain preservation is Goodwin & Marshall’s longest standing service tradition.


From pedestrian pathways to major regional thoroughfares, we build the infrastructure that supports public health and safety in our communities. 

Our Approach

We believe civil engineering involves a deep understanding of current technology, best practices, codes, and specifications. But it also requires creative problem solving, artistic imagination, and effective communication. Refined from years of experience and the teamwork of our uniquely diversified staff, we offer strengths in each of these areas and more.

By placing service to the client above all else, projects stay on track and on budget every step of the way. After years of experience, we’ve perfected our approach to exceeding expectations with every project.

This requires:

Deeply committing ourselves to client goals.

It’s not unusual to hear a client say, “I want the best outcome, but I don’t know what that is yet.” Goodwin & Marshall is committed to finding out what it looks like for each of our clients and then executing it with precision. Timeliness and cost effectiveness are two of the most important factors we work to deliver the right way every time.

Utilizing talent with the right expertise.

When you partner with us, you tap into our deep well of industry experience. You can trust that our accomplished engineers spend a considerable amount of time working on multi-faceted projects similar to your own. This well of information and engineering wisdom is invaluable for creating the best, tested solutions that will deliver the results you desire.

Pushing innovation.

Our ability to push the limits of design and challenge the status quo helps us continually move the needle when it comes to effective engineering. As sustainability and green design continue to evolve, our engineers seek the newest methods and best practices.

Involving the highest levels of leadership.

Every project receives the dedication and involvement of a Principal in the company. Our company leaders’ ownership of your project sets us and you apart from those around us. At Goodwin & Marshall, the entire company works together to deliver on our promise of exceptional client service — from the newest engineering intern to the most experienced Principal.

Civil Engineers, Planners, and Surveyors in Dallas-Fort Worth, Phoenix, and Beyond

If you are looking for civil engineers to bring your next development or project to life, contact Goodwin & Marshall. We can collaborate with various contractors, developers, and architects and offer a host of in-house services to guarantee quality and timeliness.