Municipal Engineering Projects

Goodwin & Marshall’s extensive work with municipalities gives us a deep understanding of the importance of a city’s infrastructure to the residents and community at-large.

From Our Portfolio

Lone Mountain Road Water Line
City of Peoria, Arizona
Goodwin and Marshall are the project engineers for a 2.5 mile stretch of 36” water line known as Lone Mountain Road Water Line. The Lone Mountain Waterline is a 36-inch main that connects the Agua Fria Booster Station to the Westland Reservoir. This pipeline provides a means to convey water to lands west of the Agua Fria River in Pressure Zones 4W and above. The estimated buildout, maximum day demands in Peoria’s northern planning area (including Zones 6W and higher) is approximately 32 millions of gallons per day (mgd) (including a 10 percent contingency factor). The alignment crossed through several different property ownerships which required coordination with those property owners to acquire ROW and easement for the construction of the waterline.
Subsurface Infrastructure
Vistancia Blvd

Other Representative Projects:

Heritage Trace Parkway
Fort Worth, Texas

  • 1.6 Miles of Arterial & Collector Roadway
  • 16” Water Main

Queen Creek Wash
Gilbert, Arizona

  • 1.0 Mile of Channelized Wash
  • LOMR Request & Levy Certification

Lakeview Boulevard
Denton, Texas

  • 1.2 Miles of Arterial Roadway
  • Floodplain Analysis & CLOMR/LOMR

Stateline Road & Commerce Drive
Southaven, MS

  • 1.4 Miles of Arterial & Collector Roadway
  • 1.0 Mile of 12” Water Main

Crosswick Lift Station
Red Oak, Texas

  • Regional Lift Station, Meter Station & Force Main
  • 900 Acres of Residential, Industrial & Retail Development

Durango Street & 125th Avenue
Avondale, Arizona

  • Relocation of Existing Water Line for New Street Alignment
  • 1.0 mile of Collector Roadway & 12” Water Main

Bridlewood Boulevard
Flowermound, Texas

  • 1.5 Miles of Arterial Roadway
  • Grade-Separated Golf Cart Crossing
  • 3 Miles of Linear Park Trail

Maricopa County Flood
Peoria, Arizona

  • Peoria/Glendale Drainage Master Plan Update
  • 107th Avenue-Union Hills Design Concept Study & Report
  • Flood Mitigation Alternatives Analysis

Cleveland-Gibbs Road
Fort Worth, Texas

  • 1.75 Miles of Arterial & Collector Roadway
  • CLOMR/LOMR for Henrietta Creek & Elizabeth Creek
  • 404 Permitting with USACOE 

Lone Mountain Road
Peoria, Arizona

  • 36” Water Main
  • 3.5 Mile, $4.5 Million Project

City Lift Station
Goodyear, Arizona

  • 2,067 GPM @ 154 TDH Lift Station Design
  • 1.2 Miles of Dual 8” & 10” Force Main

Harbor Lakes Drive
Granbury, Texas

  • 1.2 Miles of Collector Roadway

North Beach Street & Heritage Glen Dr.
Fort Worth, TX

  • 1.0 Mile of Arterial & Collector Roadway
  • 24 Acre Fort Worth City Park with Trails & Pedestrian Bridge

Marshall Ridge Pkwy & Ridge Point Pkwy
Keller, Texas

  • Right Turn Deceleration Lanes for U.S. Hwy. 377 & TxDOT
  • 1.0 miles of Collector Roadway

Marketplace Dr. & Airport Industrial Dr.
Southaven, MS

  • 1.4 Miles of Collector Roadway
  • 12” Water Main

Yuma Road & Perryville Road
Goodyear, Arizona

  • 1.75 Miles of Arterial Roadway
  • Existing Driveway Coordination & Utility Verification

National Parkway & Matlock Road
Mansfield, Texas

  • 1.1 Miles of Collector Roadway
  • Grade-Separated Golf Cart Crossing under National Parkway