Experts in Water Resources Management

Goodwin & Marshall’s deepest level of expertise lies in the management of water resources and the complex nature of floodplain and watershed management in the civil engineering industry.

One of the first skills Goodwin & Marshall engineers learn are the techniques and methods of working in and around floodplain regions.

This specialized knowledge allows our engineers to maximize aggressive engineering parameters and capitalize on opportunities to engineer the most efficient, cost-effective designs for our clients

What We Do ​

Our team’s leading expertise in water resource management benefits your project by ensuring the best solutions are created to manage, preserve, and protect this critical resource.

Whether your project requires flood insurance studies, flood control, floodplain analysis and modeling, master drainage plan preparation, or other services, we are the right team for you.

Water Resources Services

Stormwater Management Analysis & Design
Detention / Retention Analysis & Design
Open Channel and Hydraulic Structure Design
Hydrologic and Hydraulic (1D & 2D) Modeling
Floodplain Reclamation / FEMA Map Revisions
Flood and Erosion Control Solutions
Scour and Sediment Transport Analysis
Watershed and Ecological Analysis
Water Quality Assessment

From Our Portfolio

Copper Creek, Amalgamated Properties

Fort Worth, Texas

Goodwin & Marshall performed various water resources related tasks while serving as project engineer managing the Copper Creek development in Tarrant County, Texas.

Copper Creek is a master-planned residential community containing approximately 960 single family units on 300 acres.

In-house services provided by Goodwin & Marshall included the following:

  • Prepared a Preliminary iSWM Downstream Assessment analysis
  • Obtained a Floodplain Development Permit from City of Fort Worth
  • Obtained a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) from FEMA for Stream BFC-4
  • Obtained a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) from FEMA for Stream BFC-4 relative to Phase 1 of the project
  • Obtained a LOMR from FEMA for Stream BFC-4B relative to Phase 2 of the project
  • Prepared a CLOMR for Stream BFC-4B relative to Phase 4a of the project
  • Detention analysis for Phase 3 storm drain outfall
  • Two-dimensional hydraulic modeling in HEC-RAS for Phase 3 spreader basin outfall